What are some ways to reuse or recycle Styrofoam?

I know Styrofoam isn't biodegradable so I'm trying to find some good ways to reuse it. I'm really looking for practical every day ways to reuse it, but if you have some interesting craft or other suggestions, I would love to hear them too.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    best gear for insulating the house, ceiling/walls etc. another is garden bed liners for plants, and a very good and quick seedling box material too. I even combined it in the potting mix, to break up dry soil and perfect to help roots expand out... I have used empty beer cans and styrofoam for shed roof insulation! sound deadener under utes and boat/ dingy floatation in seats too. Even a material that passion fruit can cling to on colorbond fences,the gear is magic if ya want to try some of these ideas out. My place has lots of it any panels i get i use everywhere... Have fun and be different !!!!

    Source(s): lifes problems, that i have found getting to where i am now... And using everything i can get hold of too
  • 1 decade ago

    mix it with gas and make napalm!!! :D

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