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who should i vote for in the federal election and why?

im just a little uncertain? i was going to vote for liberals when i was 17, now im 18 labor has done a pritty good job of the GFC so who shall get my vote?

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    I don't know what country you are from, I guess Australia. But I personally would vote for the conservatives because most of the time, their policies work. You want a capitalist economy?Vote conservative. You want to keep your country the way it was intended to run? Vote conservatives. All liberals know is how to turn everything communist. Look at America. Obama, a liberal, has given us socialized medicine. Our lives are in the government's hands. Now they can say that if you are a dead man, they are not going to bother making your last days good.

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    vote for the party that represents your views, not anyone else's

    ATB Red

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