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I want to start shadow boxing but will it make my shoulders bigger?

Im 16 and 5ft9. i was thinking of start shadow boxing for exercise but i dont want my shouders getting bigger? Will it make them bigger.

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  • Mark
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    To the guy above, lifting weights is completely unnecessary for boxing. You're full of crap.

    Shadow boxing by itself should not cause your shoulders to get bigger. Just make sure you stay away from weights if you want to avoid hypertrophy.

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    1) Why do you care if your shoulders get bigger?

    2) People on the internet said that if you punch and kick (you don't have to be at a punching bag) then you will get faster, I can testify for this.

    3) Lastly shadow boxing is just a small exercise, just like pushups you do 15, 20, 40 whatever each day. You shouldn't make a big deal about it. When you exercise just do 10 minutes or so. Just do it, who cares about how your arm looks. Being strong is what counts

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    Boxing by itself is mostly just a ton of cardio. You see boxers on tv that are ripped because they do a ton of weight-lifting and strength training as part of their program. You NEED muscles (and thus weight lifting) to be an effective boxer...but if you're just going to do shadow boxing and not complete/spar against others, you won't need power.

    Go ahead and shadow-box. Your shoulders won't get bigger by just doing that.

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