Securing a yamaha 15 hp (4 stroke) when trailering?

I have a 15 yamaha 4 stroke. When I'm towing the boat with the motor in the down position like the manual recommends, the lower unit (skag?) is too close to the road. I can tilt it up but it can bounce and fall to the lowered position since this "lock" isn't for trailering. All the manual says is to secure the motor upright " in some manner" if necessary when trailering. Has anyone seen a good way to secure this motor in the tilted position so the motor won't drag the pavement? Thanks

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    I have exactly the same arrangement, but with a Honda 15 4 stroke. The Honda manual indicates a minimum clearance of eight inches between skeg and road surface. And if too close then advises that the user devise a strong, safe support because, as you say, the lock isn't intended for towing situations.

    I use a purpose made shore out of light 50mm box about seven or eight inches in length (in this case). Each end of the box is capped with a purpose made plastic bung as I had access to this, but you could fashion a square wedge out of softwood.

    At each end the box is drilled rite-thru with the correct bore to accept the engine's own removable pin (about 8mm I think).

    The pin can be withdrawn and replaced through the box, to attach it very securely indeed, at that end.

    Drill the holes close to the ends to avoid the short end contacting the boat's transom. But far enough in for strength.

    Swing the box up to support the unit's leg to rest squarely (ie: 90 degrees) on the other end at your required height. (On mine, I set this at the same as one of the stops, so it's belt and braces!).

    Then through the hole bored at the other end of the box, secure it firmly to the outboard leg using two very heavy gauge cable-ties: Through the holes and around the leg. Take a small supply in your launch kit and just cut them off when ready,

    Take a little time and make the box carefully and it will do the job for years.


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    Many people "block" the motor using a block of wood and bungee straps. My suggestion is to look in your marine store at the various sizes of small trailer rollers or trailer "snubbers" and get one that will hold the motor in the tilted position. Pass a cord through it and tie it in place and then bungee the lower unit securely so it doesn't "hop" around when trailering. It should then be secure and all you need to do is remove the bungees, lift the motor and remove the rubber roller or snubber when you get to the water!

    Good luck and safe boating!

    Source(s): 50+ years of boating experience; raced C&D class outboards.
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    Take the tilt pin out and move it to the top holes that might give U some more room.If not than U will have to improvise like a board in the housing and tie it down.There is a bracket that attaches to the trailer and supports the engine in the up position see if it will fit your boat.

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    move the tilt pin to a higher level, or buy a metal pole that looks like a Y and it will attach from your trailer and hold ur engine up, in the future stick with evinrude

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