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how was your first kiss?

i want to know how everyone's first kiss was like not because i love to be in people business but because I've had my first kiss a couple of days ago with my boyfriend but i want to know other's story... i hope you don't mind sharing

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    My first kiss was when I was 16, it was with a boy I really REALLY liked and I was very nervous cuz I didn't want him to know that he was my first xP It went surprisingly well and it was kinda romantic so yeah, it's a good memory for me....

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    I had my first kiss a couple days ago too haha. I kinda of sucked. He put his tongue way to far down my throat, to the point where I almost bite it off. Then when we pulled away, my face was so wet! It was wet and sloppy. I dont know if I'm to blame for that tho haha. But I remember he put his lips against mine, and I was avoiding it the whole night, so I gave it. Its started out as a few closed mouth kisses, then I had to lick my lips. So when I opened my mouth, he put his tongue in mine, and I was thinking to myelf oh my god! What do I do now!? I couldnt have been ALL that bad, since he kissed me two times after that too. But the worst part is, he still hasnt called me after we hung out :(

  • cyree
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    Honestly simply calm down, you cannot quite do some thing improper, simply ensure you could have contemporary breath, seem into his eyes and lean in. Here's a few matters I've discovered via kissing: -GO SLOW to begin, you are much less more likely to consider clumsy and awkward when you begin with gentle smooth kisses -USE YOUR HANDS no longer within the kiss immediately certainly, however contact him(no longer his dick immediately). Start by way of resting your hand at the again of his neck/head, and when you get extra into it lightly tug on his hair(men pass wild). You might additionally relaxation a hand on his shoulder or thigh if it makes you extra cozy. -SMILE at him whilst you pull aside and seem into his eyes Good good fortune, you are going to be exceptional xx I'm consistently comfortable to support when you desire to speak to me

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