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how do i change the way my body looks? 10 points to however answers all questions (best answer)?

im a freshman. and i dont have a big stomach but its getting there. and

im getting stretch marks on my thighs and my thighs are also getting bigger.

and im no where near flat chested so i have a bad hunch and slouch over a lot without meaning to.

how do i change this? i dont want a models body just a flatter stomach and more toned up.


my parents always work. we live out in the country so i can never do anything!!! but sit...

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    Hi Anna,

    Honestly there is only one way, ive been asked so many times if there is a shortcut or a easier option.

    But there isnt you have to want to change your lifestyle if you want to lose weight or change your body.

    The healthiest, fastest and best metabolic way to lose weight is the classic way Cardio + exercise + Motivation.

    Once your motivated and go for a while this will become a hobby once your there our set ! :]

    How to get there? you need to feel the need to change. start by changing your regular drinks to water this not only is good for you but boosts your metabolism and also cleanses all the muck in there.

    Dont eat late, try to eat your last meal before 6pm.

    Dont over eat and eat your meals slow. Dont eat candy or other junk food like chips

    Try to do atleast one hour of cardio a day this not only good for the body but boosts your mood and metabolism which means you will think positive and push harder toward your goal>!

    Dont take any powders or pills! NEVER . The only real way is this way.

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