NEGATIVE TEST! spotting 2weeks before period and very light period?? HELP ME!?

i have had 2 periods now and both of them i have spotted 2weeks before my last period was not normal was a little lighter on and off but this period the 2nd month is extremely light and nothing like what they are normally like?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Honey, I had implantation bleeding and my tests were also negative, instead of buying test after test, I would go see your doctor for a physical and a blood test and a urine test to see if you are pregnant or not, I can't tell you how many times I got frustrated at the tests and having spending so much money on tests, that I finally went to my doctor and had a test done, and was so glad that it confirmed what I was thinking, that I was pregnant.

    If you can''t afford a doctor, then go to Planned Parenthood or a free clinic and have a test done there. It is time to get professional results, I think you are done by trying to get results by the "stick".

    Go to your doctor and have a real test done there, and get results while you wait, it does sound like implantation bleeding, and you need to finally stop worrying and put your mind at ease♥

    Good luck♥

  • 1 decade ago

    I would go ahead and take another pregnancy test if you think you could be pregnant. If there is a lot of stress right now in your life that can change your period. There are many things that effect how heavy/light your period is. If you are still concerned I would make an apt. with your doctor. They can do a blood pregnancy test which is more accurate that the urine ones. Hope this helps!!

    Source(s): Mother of 2 wonderful little girls!!
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