Give me one good reason why God is true?

Because he isnt, pretty much every answer i will be able to prove wrong.


@ ed f ;; leave it, you have no proof

@ Ceisiwe ;; same here

@ Doh H ;; pretty good, because i'm right.

@ Feral ;; there is more proof that he doesnt exist than he does, science has proved alot.

@ Rev ;; *Highfive/

@ blankness ;; How did he create the whole entire universe? And why did he leave lots of planets blank with no propouse?

@ BenHuddleston ;; *highfive/

@ ZomToad ;; Because there could be something that i cant prove.

Update 2:

@ Light ;; sorry but that is a really stupid answer. People only belive in god because they find life pointless, they want to countine living after they die. and they are scared if soemthing bad happens to them or other they have nothing to do to protect themselves from it, so they pray for "God" to help save them.

@ Prague ;; ;D

Update 3:

@ JC Rules + Kajex ;; Okay. It is true that humans evolved from monejy like creatures or monekys them selves. God said in the bible that the heavens is the sky, but later on they found past the sky was the universe and planets. Go read through here, it makes sense.

@ Jesusfreak ;; seriously is your username jesusfreak? No, everything is made from matter, gases etc. Pfftttt if God is real why doesnt we just tell us? Leave a message or a note? Why does he make so many of us all go the hell forever and rot and be tortured? Isnt he a loving person would treats all hes children *because he created us* with respet and he should respect what we belive in.

Update 4:

@ Ronnie ;; sadly my question has a question mark and its asking for a good reason why god is true. Oh hey, thats a question. Exactly we are all created perfectly but we all have faults that effect us in different ways. Nothing is perfect, earth isnt perfect.

@ Endonly ;; The chances of him being real are very very very tiny. The chances of you getting hit by a car is very very tiny too. There is a very small chance of that to happen.

@ Philly ;; You chill all day in where? Heavens, but the heavens are the clouds and the clouds are only tiny dropplets of waterly mist. Where do i burn then? Yeah, we will see about that, apartly even if i kill a billion and one people if i get God's mercy before i die i will go to heaven. Gods such a lover and a kind hearted person, he wants us all the burn in hell.

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    i got nothing.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's obvious from your question that you are not looking for an answer, but rather for an argument.

    I cannot prove to you the existence of G-d the same way you cannot prove to me the opposite.

    Of course there is no proof of the G-d's existence; otherwise there would be no free choice. Its a belief, not knowledge, but a belief based on facts which you chose to accept or ignore. Like the fact that Earth's orbit is placed so perfectly to suit our life. A minor change of an angle would turn us into ice or burn us instantly. Or the fact that you can see with your eyes and hear with your ears. The fact that you eat and sleep to replenish the energy you need to live. The fact that we can create other beings like ourselves - reproduce. All these are trivial to us, because we are used to taking these facts for granted, but when you think about all the complexity of the Universe, anyone would ask himself why do things work in such perfect harmony and precision. Of course all these are scientifically explained and are supported by the laws of nature. But who set those laws?

    So you chose whether you want to open your eyes and see an abundance of proofs around you or you want to stay blind and ignorant (after all - ignorance is a bliss...)

  • 1 decade ago

    Neither party can prove their argument.

    It's like saying, PROVE that I'm am or am not going to get hit by a car today.

    I'm not taking sides, far from it.

    Those with opposite veiws can become so staunch in their opposition, they merely meet full circle where they end up the same. Both obsessed with the same thing.

    I'm only 14, do I really need to say this? None of you will listen, you enjoy having a cause to fight for. So do I, but hey. Chill.

    I say, live your life. Be a decent person, for the sake of the people who have to put up with you. When we die, whatever happens, happens. The most similar experience I can think of is; what was it like before I was born? I don't know. And that's the point.

    Source(s): EDIT- Look all I'm trying to say is, let everyone believe whatever the hell they want to believe. If a Christian trys to shove their beliefs down your throat- they're in the wrong. And if an atheist does it too, then they're in the wrong. If the idea of a God brings people comfort- let them have that. Doesn't bring me any comfort- and that's why I'm not a Christian.
  • Kajex
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    1 decade ago

    Cool, awful logic!

    Hows bout this

    YOU give me one good reason why God isn't true?

    In fact, don't bother

    whatever you say is total bull.

    Because he is, I KNOW he is,

    so therefore you must be wrong,

    and I can arrogantly claim you are WRONG WRONG WRONG.

    Sound familiar?

    You need to find other ways to relieve the sexual tension, mate. Go outside. Have a beer. Chillax.

    EDIT: Hey, your response was totally out of order! Nowhere in my answer did I reference the stuff you mentioned, I was merely making a point of your arrogance! I am totally for evolution/big banginism!

    And your quest is a fruitless one. I may no longer be able to call myself a proper Christian, but I do know that the worlds of faith and empirical observation cannot be combined. "God" who/what/whyever he is, can only exist to you, not through the words of another.

    Now leave me be. I'm struggling with the concepts of Determinism.

    Cool, reading through your other responses, seems you're coming up with reasons why God isn't real, but you're just vomiting them up. "Also the probability of God existing is very, very small" or something to that effect. Please show me the maths you carried out to work out the probability of God existing.

    Now I see you have a very, very simple view of theists.

    Also; "there is more proof that he doesnt exist than he does, science has proved alot". Good job. No really, well done. Not only can you NOT use Science to prove a negative (i.e. Are all Swans white? if you don't know what I'm going on about see Falsifiability), but you've managed to give the (rather rare) ignorant atheist response equal to the "you're all going to hell and burn because the Bible says so" of the fundies.

    You dug this hole. Now it's YOUR turn to show me this SCIENTIFIC evidence that a SUPERNATURAL creator DOES NOT EXIST. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The proof is all around us. It's in the trees, in the air, and it's in His people. You have to listen to God, He has proven himself many many times, but if you choose not to listen, then that's your choice. I really hope that you can come to God's love someday because He's looking for you. God bless.

    Source(s): I'm a Christian
  • ed f- I think we will leave it until someone provides some ACTUAL PROOF as was asked for

    phyllima- it is much much easier to prove something exists than doesn't, look up flying spaghetti monster. the fact you cant prove god exists puts you on a much poorer footing than those who cant prove god doesn't

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God is true, because some people do not believe in themselfs, and are depressed all the time,

    and they need a reasion to live

  • 1 decade ago

    If you claim that "every answer [you] will be able to prove wrong" and are quick to assume that he doesn't exist (despite anybody's answers)... what's the point of asking this question?

    You just want to incite anger.

    Source(s): Sincerely, an atheist
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sounds like someone has a closed mind.

    How is that working out for ya?

    Love and blessings Don

  • 1 decade ago

    You cant prove God is non existent...

    Just like I cant prove He is existent...

    Yet I have the upper hand! Because if He is real...I chill all burn all day

    If He isnt real....nothing happens

    ITS A WIN WIN FOR ME and pretty much a LOSE LOSE FOR YOU

  • 1 decade ago

    You can say that he exists and he doesn't exist. There is no incontrovertible proof either way.

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