In the japanese language Youkai or Akuma means demon,what does ''Oni'' mean?

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    Youkai 妖怪 means "monsters". But Japanese monsters. Not like monsters in West like were-wolf.

    Akuma is devil in Japanese.

    Oni is a creature like devil. But it's created in Japan.

    Oni also has a nuance of "very strong person". So it's sometimes used on someone who is very good at something like sports.

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    In the japanese language Youkai or Akuma means demon,what does ''Oni'' mean?

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    Japanese Oni

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    Oni is a sort of Youkai which has a shape of human, but has cow like horn and tiger like fang. It can speak human langauge.

    Typical Oni has iron club, and crimpy heir, with strange colored skin like red/black/blue, etc.. Usually it is depicted naked but having only tiger skin pants on.

    Oni is a dweller of the hell or hidden isolated remote place, who sometime attack villages, rip off, and kid nap people. It also attack travelers in the mountain.

    It sometime also considered to be the incarnated evil sprits, or metapher of those people who has cold and evil mind, or people who is vary fanatical, or far exceed ordinally people in many ways. Human shape being without ordinally human mind could be called Oni.

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    Demon... but it can also mean ogre, spirit, etc.

    ONI is also a term used in games such as "tag" to designate the person who is 'it'.

    Source(s): Living in Japan for over three years now!
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