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which dog food should I switch my pug to?

I just adopted a pug from a friend of mine. She is about a year old and she has been on Science Diet for her whole life. I looked at the ingredients for Science Diet and saw that Corn was one of the first ingredients. Isn't Corn bad for dogs? I know that people have a hard time digesting it. So I am NOT keeping her on Science diet. I want to switch her to another brand of dog food that is better for her, still good quality, but will not completely break my bank. I looked at some other brands, innova, evo, wellness, nutro, etc, but I am not certain on which of these would be the best for her. I want her to be healthy and live a long time. I want the best for my pug. I also feed a raw diet, consisting of meat, veggies, and all of the other things that it is recommended for dogs to eat. However, I can't feed her this all of the time and am looking for a good supplement. I read the ingredients for innova (I think that is the brand, could be a different one) and was impressed with the ingredients. It even had cottage cheese in it.

Are any of these good brands that you would feed your dog? She's almost out of her science diet so I want to start introducing the switch soon.

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    It's so good to hear that you care for your pug so well! (I love mine, too!) What I feed my pug is awesome, and it's called wellness. My male pug is 2 and is on that! he loves it very much. I find that very healthy. Before, he was on California Natural, which is just as good but much more expensive. So we use wellness. But make sure you ask your vet how much to give her- when we asked him if we could use the instructions on the bag he said; "No way- they overfeed your dog by a mile!" good luck...

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    Start to switch your pug before you run out of Science Diet. Like most folks on here

    I am a huge fan of Blue Buffalo as far as kibble goes. You do have to switch them over about a weeks time to avoid an upset stomach. We like you also supplement Blue with Raw diet as well.

    I think based upon what I have seen this is one of the most recommended foods and plans mixing in the raw. We have 3 dogs, and with the Yorkie, we saw a major improvement in her coat with Blue.

    The GSD also has a great coat from that food as well. When you switch, use 1/4 Blue or what ever you chose and 3/4 SD, then each day increase the new food and less of the SD.

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    Yes corn is bad for dogs, because it ha no nutritional value and it is hard on their digestive system. The best dog foods have no corn at all.

    Blue Buffalo works for my dog, and you can get coupons, and it isn't as expensive as the others but has really nice quality and ingredients. I had my dog on Science Diet when we finally switched over to Blue. She has more energy, her coat is softer and shinier, and she just overall seems happier.

    With good quality foods, you do not have to feed supplements unless your dog is prone to a disease. Ex: If you would have a doberman pinscher, you could feed him cardio supplements because they are prone to cardiomyopathy, a heart disease. I do not know the ghealth diseases of a pug other than that they are brachycephalic.

    If you want a supplement to just add on to health, then it is not neccesary.

    A raw diet is very good, congrats for that.

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    Nutro would be an excellent choice for your pug! I really like the Nutro Natural Choice Small Breed Adult formula. It's a chicken and rice formula, which is very easy to digest, and good for dogs with sensitivities to some ingredients. They contain higher levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids than the majority of other foods available, which are great for her skin and coat. Nutro foods do not contain any fillers, artificial preservatives, artificial colorings, or animal by-products. Also, Nutro foods are made in their own production facilities right here in the United States. They do not outsource the production of their food to any outside companies!!

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  • 4Health!! Similar to Blue Buffalo, but a little cheaper.. It's at Tractor Supply only, but it's REALLY good!!

    Try it, it's 4 out of 5 stars!

    Add: Rain Dawn; I will never feed my dogs Purina again! You must not be reading ALL the ingredients.. We looked at it, corn is like the fifth or sixth ingredient, unless either of ours was a typo, (Which I doubt) ALL vets will recommend Purina cause they support it & Purina pays them for it!

    Do what you want for your "Rescue" but don't lead others to that same mistake.

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    I feed my chihuahua mix Blue brand food (available at Petsmart).

    For such a small dog, it shouldn't cost too much to feed her. Blue brand has no corn or other non-digestible fillers. I have really since a difference since changing my dog to this food. Her coat is shiny and, for the sake of my nose, she now rarely passes gas. Lots of gas is a sign of too much undigested food.

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    Purina came out with the new Purina One a few years ago. It is tp quality without the top prices. My vet recomended it for me when I had 64 dogs to take care of at my rotweiler rescue and it worked with ALL my dogs. It' very good dog food, and no, corn is not bad for dogs. Chocolate is. It's poison to dogs. Veggies are good for dogs as long as they get their dogfood too.

    Source(s): dog trainer and retrainer for over 20 years. I ran a rescue and donate my time to shelters assessing dogs.
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