Men Who Cheated: Does cheating effect your feelings towards your wife in any way ?

Do you get feelings for the "mistress" too?


Why did you cheat ? Please be honest !

How long did it go on and why did the cheating end? or didnt it?

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    1 decade ago
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    I had given her notice about the dissatisfaction I was having in the relationship and nothing changed so I moved out. During the time I had moved out she called it cheating. I say I had given her enough warning and was no longer living with her so it was not cheating. (I was in the process of getting a divorce) I was very up front about it. She knew where I was living and with whom. I did go back to her after a few weeks and stopped seeing the other person.

    Did I develop feelings for the other person. Yes, I develop feelings for all of the people I have intimate relations with.

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    1 decade ago

    I've got a friend who cheats on his wife, she knows about it. Yrs ago, he got her pregnant and, marry her soon after. He tells me that they love each other.....BUT, even though love may be present, it does not mean that it is enough. I believe that my friend would not cheat on his wife ONLY IF he had found the right woman for him. He's happy w/her for being a good mom and loves his kids w/her deeply....but....

    I understand him....I have cheated on every woman I've been with. Some might have 'smelled' that I had something going on somewhere but I was never caught. Something like that you keep to the grave.

    All that stopped until I fell in love w/my last GF. I knew...I felt I couldn't do that anymore. Why? The 'knife' that I was stabbing her with felt all too real.

    When I was cheating I was doing it and feeling nothing but a fulfillment of a need. That was it. No emotional feeling involved....nothing. My love, my heart was w/my GF.

    You gotta understand, all this is also deeply embedded in men's DNA. I hope you also know that while we do it out of this need...when a wife cheats it has an even deeper meaning behind it.

    So, who's worst?

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    I had a question like this a while ago and the cheaters here seemed to never answer the question. I got like 0 responses....

    I have not cheated

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    1 decade ago

    I am not a cheater. But I know men who are. They did it cause their wife was a jerk. But they didn't wanna leave cause of the kids. And the fact the Judge would easily side with the wife having the kids. But no it didn't change their feelings.

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    You won't find lots of responses from cheaters. It is very hard to be honest and admit that they are selfish bastards with no back bone.

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