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Computer Virus problem!?

Computer virus (?) question?

A very strange thing happened to my computer today. All of a sudden a message popped up from my AVG anti-virus that my computer is under attack. The messages kept on flowing in and I could not do absolutely anything on my laptop, since everything I clicked seemed to be infected, including my other anti virus software, so I could not even run the scan. Also I could not get on the internet, fist because the warnings told me that the toolbars and applications were infected. I had to manually close down the other AVG anti-virus to be able to do anything at all.

Then I realised that the Internet connection options somehow got changed, from detecting proxy automatically to manual connection, and I had to change that back by myself to browse the internet.

Has anything like this happened to anyone? I have run a scan with Avira, and it did not show anything (well, it showed 7 hidden objects, but I dont know what they are!, and whether they are dangerous). Do I actually have a virus problem, could the proxy detection dettings be altered by the virus, or did the first antivirus go crazy and did it?

Im downloadind the trial version of Kaspersky to be on the safe side, but if anyone has got any clues as to what might be wrong, Id appreciate it!

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    may be a hacker hacked your computer? Have a good firewall. windows 7 has good firewall. install malwarebyte antimalware which is free and scan the system. antispyware is also suggested. free antispywares are available..don't install rogue antivirus or antispyware.

    I am using Linux and I went to Linux because of this problem.

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    it might be an virus attacked as your internet connection settings has been changed and you have to fix it again or it might be due to your anti virus program or due to firewall settings conflict with anti virus.

    do one thing install the kaspersky internet security pack and than scan your system with it as it is the best application to protect your system from attack. check your firewall settings and make the automatic updates disable.

    Source(s): www.jctweb.com
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    attempt rebooting your computing gadget into risk-free mode, and do an entire test with your Panda Antivirus, it ought to be able to delete to delete the document, as quickly as though this technique does not paintings, have in mind the course that Panda Antivirus can't get right of entry to and use "unlocker" to launch the document so which you will delete it. do purely a seek in google.

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    Part of your problem is that you can only have ONE antivirus software. Having more than one will conflict and cause your computer to lock up.

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