how to hot wire a 03 Peugeot 206?

well - im bored and my sisters car is in the driveway (the keys are in the kitchen) but i have all ways wanted to hot wire a car - my 09 mercedes clk 350 has an immobiliser, so it wont work -.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The last cars that could be '' hot wired'' were from the early 1970's. After that, the auto industry began using locking steering columns and multiple wires that are in use to start the car.

    The Peugeot 204 and 205 could be started if you connected the 12 volt lead to 4 other wires. But then, you can't turn the steering wheel.

    The 206's have immobilizers too.

    But those days of connecting 2 wires, easily reached in 10 seconds under the dashboard are LONG GONE, amigo.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, you probably could start it, but then there's the steering lock...

  • pink
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    1 decade ago

    do it on some one else`s not on your sisters, you will be having the police after you,never in your own back yard.

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