Question for women in a long term relationship?

have been going out with this woman for 2 months, sex included.

We had met 9 years ago in college and then lost contact. She wanted me to be her boyfriend since we started to go out together again (2-3 months ago). And she kept asking me to be hers, but all I aswered was "we´re okay the way we are, dont ruin everything". So...we were laying on my bed lastnight and like always she started "if only I could tell my family about you as my boyfriend" and asked me again, then I whispered in her ears to be gf and bf. After that she said that she would prefer that the first person to ask that were me as the man and not her. I like her, we´re very compatible and alot of thing in common. Now we´re bf and gf, since las night. What do think about this?

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  • NL
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    1 decade ago
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    It seems she is pushing for more than you want to go for at this time.I could never be happy with someone that pushing for more than I felt comfortable with.The two of you should have talked about your feelings for one another and come up with something you are both comfortable with.But as you whispered in her ear that you will be bf and gf,then that is what you are.Just be careful she does not come up with ( if only I could tell my family we are going to be husband and wife ! ) LOL !

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    she must be swindler.she just want to make love

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