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What should I do -- Community College?

I took the placement test at the community college and I messed up on the writing part of the test [I ddint do it right] but they still won't let me restest unless I do 10 hours of study time.

Problem is, I would have to do that in 2 days..6 hours today and 4 tomorrow...because i work third shift 8 hoursa day it makes thsi hard.

I have to take a writing developmenttal clas because I failed it.

How much will this effect me if I just take the developmental class? I plan on Getting an Associates in Science and transferring over to a 4 year schoo.


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    Why would you waste your time with an Associates if you are already planning on a 4 year school? If you can't get into a 4-year school because of GPA or application deadlines, fine, go to a community college for a semester or two then transfer. An Associates is cheap, but it's also worthless in most fields of study. I say why waste your money when you can go DIRECTLY to the 4 year college.

    As for the tests, do what you have to do. We all mess up a big test sometime, and we've all had to go without sleep a night or two so that we could study for the big exam. It's stressful, but it's necessary to achieve your final goal. Do it up.

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