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Is it wrong to feel embarrassed when people rub my baby bump?

No matter if it's a member of my family or a complete stranger, I feel really weird,uncomfortable and embarrassed when people do it :<

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    No not at all - I asked a similar question a few weeks ago because I HATE it when people touch my bump (it was different when my fella does it), to me it's no different to if they rubbed my tummy without a bump.

    I finally ended up telling my close friends and family that it makes me feel uncomfortable and that it is nothing personal against them, every now and then, I invite someone to feel (mainly to make a point at how tight my bump has become) like my mother in law, best friend, etc but they all know now not to touch without at least asking because I don't like it.

    You can actually buy t-shirts that say 'HANDS OFF THE BUMP' which I found amusing.

    As for complete strangers touching you, I got this at first but now I seem to be quite guarded and alert to it so if anyone attempts it, I either swat their hand away before it gets near or turn away from them completely - they soon get the message!

    good luck, and don't worry you're not doing anything wrong - some women like their bump being touched, whereas people like us value our personal space!



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    Next time someone comes up and touches your belly, just reach over and touch their belly too. They'll get the idea real quick! I personally don't mind people touching my belly that I know, but I have felt very awkward when complete strangers feel entitled to rub my bump.

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    No its not wrong..I actually get a little aggrivated. Everytime I go to my mother in laws house the first thing she has to do is come over and rub my belly and talk to it. I dont say anything cuz I dont wanta hurt her but it does aggrivate me sometimes. And if she has friends or family over OMG I better watch out or she will ahve a whole line of them rubbin on me. Ive thought about tellin her "hey you can rub my feet or back if you want" LOL. But no its fine to be embarrassed.

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    People just like pregnancy/pregnant women and it makes them feeel warm and fuzzy and they try to feel if the baby is moving. I think its cute but can understand why it makes you uncomfortable, what you can try and do is rub their belly as well if they rub yours lol or keep your hands on your tummy as a way of stopping them

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    What is wrong is that people including family members and complete strangers feel the need to touch someone else without permission. I would never, ever ask to touch a woman's pregnant stomach.

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    Its normal, some people like the attention of people doing it, others dont, Unfortunately though everyone seems to feel the need to rub someones baby bump

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    It is so normal, I hated that also, it is just "one of those things" of being pregnant, next time someone is coming towards you and you can see their hand coming to your belly, then just politely step back, and say that at this point in time, having someone feel your belly makes you uncomfortable, they will understand, I have had many women tell me that, and I totally understand, being pregnant myself, especially when my daughter was overdue, the first thing I wanted to do was to have my baby, and the last thing I wanted to do was to have someone touch my overdue belly♥

    Just be honest with them, and walk away and they will respect that.♥Honey, we have all been there and done that♥

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    I understand this, not many people try to do it outside of my family but even when my mom rubs my belly I feel awkward, I try not to show it but I don't like it at all.

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    so do you often let strangers rub your body parts?

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    Just smack them on the hand and say "don't touch".

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