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How do i get my dad to act like a parent?

He watces us while my mom works from 7 to 4ish every day. he doesnt work cause hes a techer and its summer. im 13 and my bro is 15 but really immature and my sis is 7. i have to take complete care of my sister, and make her breakfast and lunch and clean up the house. my dad just sits and watches tv and sleeps ALL DAY LONG. im not kidding he only gets up to get food. my mom is sorta a clean freak, so im the one who has to keep the house clean all day or shell blow up at all of us. my mom doesnt know what my dad does all day, so when i try to tell her how lazy he is she doesnt listen. oh and my brother likes to mess around with my little sis, but he normally ends up seriously hurting her, like bruises and bleeding and crying. so im the one who has to protect her and i normally end up having to get hurt while trying to. when i tell my dad he yells at ME.

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    if i were you i would maybe ask your mom to go out to eat or go do something just you and her and sit down and have a MATURE conversation with her about how your feeling and whats going on. maybe start out with mom i have to talk to you about something really serious thats making my life really hard for me. and then take it one step at a time. explain every situation then explain how you feel about it. ex... all dad does all day is sleep and doesnt pay any attention to us and that makes me feel, blah blah blah...... just make sure you bring up the situation as calm as possible and as mature as possible. if you need any more advice or any questions or anything let me know. my childhood was extremely hard and dont wanna see anyone else go through the things i did:] OOOO and dont forget school for you guys starts soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so maybe by next summer your siblings will be a little bit more mature. as for your dad sleepin all the time, during the school year, try to do more things with him like fishing or put put golf. lol. idk but this will get him into the habit of doing things with you and your siblings so maybe next summer he will do more things w you.

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