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Why is my sister still sick, gastro/food poisening at the begging of the week?

And shes really fatiqued. how long does it usually take to recover?

she had high temp/aches, vomiting the works.



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    some bacteria that cause food poisoning only live for a short time, others live longer times. i had a particularly nasty one that lasted over a week. if she hasn't seen a doctor i would take her, so she can get some treatment - they can also test the stools (poo) to find out what type of bacteria it is. if she's getting dehydrated with being sick so much, get her some dioralyte from the chemist as it will replace the salts she's lost and stop her getting more dehydrated.

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    Maybe your sister needs to be brough to the hospital so that she will be properly assessed and be given proper medication. Learn how to gastro problems safely without causing permanent damage to your body!

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    took me a week. i guess recovery depends on the seriousness of the case though. to be quite frank some people even die from it within hours. hope you've consulted a doc. if you havent, please do asap

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