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Im insecure about my penis, and do girls only want big ones?????????

im 15, and im 4.5 inch. im korean and italian i have heard that stupid stereotype about us asian guys, but i never really minded it untill i heard some girl say "not much in the pants, not much of a chance" that really got to me, but i know that girls dont really care about size, i personally dont care about the size of a womans vagina, boobs, or butt, i wouldnt care if she had a loose vagina, small boobs, and a small but, as long as she has a huge heart then i would love her no matter what.

so i serached up questions about this, and some women said size does matter (because they obviously got big pussys) and some women said its not the size its how you use it, and some other people said all women are lying no matter what, and that they all want a guy with a big penis. i know that i can treat a girl really nicely and my size wont matter at all but do women really care about size alot? its different from guys and boobs or vaginas, small boobs big boos, as long as there boobs, same goes for vaginas. but for women and penis its always gotta be "bigger is better"

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    Yes, girls like it bigger.

    Sometimes it's because they have larger vagina (be careful what u r saying - 'because they have large ******* - that is same you have small dic*k, isn't it right?)

    Other times because the penis is small.

    4.5 inch is small. But you are only 15 and it will most likely grow.

    Size matters. It feels tight or lose. You know it. You just need to find a girl compatible with you.

    There is nothing wrong. Each person is different. Just respect that fact.

    You don't want to have sex with all women of the world. Sex and heart are very different by the way.

    Boobs don't play as important part as tightness during intercourse.


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