What Does My Dream Mean? Suicide?

Last night i had a really weird dream, which is odd, because i never dream, because i dont really sleep, because when i sleep i always, always have horrible nightmares, so over the last few weeks, i have not slept in fear of having a nightmare.

But last night was a good night where i managed to get a few hours, and i had a dream, the dream was- I was in school (i'm year 9) and my class was all having a lie detecter test, and they asked lots of questions but then they asked me "do you like your life?" and i said yes, but the detecter said i was lyrics which is true in real life sumtimes, and then they asked "Would you commit suicide?" and i said no, but the detecter said i was lying, and they asked "if i had a suicide note" and other stuff like that, and i replied no to all the questions, but the detectersaid i was lying....

Please help? what does it mean?

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    There is only one person who can answer that question, and that person is you! Dreams are just thoughts in your brain expressed in a hallucination caused by the chemical DMT! Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart and look at your life to find the truth of the way you feel. Don't let your dreams beat you, overcome them! Overcome your nightmares!

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    Your brain cannot function without sleep in a regular manner. First of all, get help from a specialist in sleep disorders. Once you start a sleep pattern that lets your mind, body, rest and carry out its functions you will sleep like a baby. Nightmares can be caused by a brain that is full of non vetted information. Don't worry, your not an unusual personality. You are fine.

    Source(s): Studies in psychology. See Dr. Amen at Amen Clinics.
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    one of three things:

    1) someone has or soon will decide not to believe you when you are actually telling the truth.

    2) you want some kind of change in your life.

    3) you are convinced you will have a nightmare every time you go to sleep, so your mind mashed it together.

    Most likely the second one.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): this is my website: http://kineticpassion.webs.com/
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    From what it seems like to me. Suicide usually means saying good bye to one aspect of yourself. It like transformation. Means that you are changing. Seems like to me since the lie detector told you were lying is that you are changing but are not accepting it yet. Just my opinion.

    Dreams are symbolic in your subconscious or it could mean it was just random. If you think my description makes sense, then it is probably the first example. Hope it helps you in some way

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    First of all Trust on yourself. There is nothing worry if the lie detecter indicates you are wrong. So forget all the things. Be happy

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    it means you had a dream. it doesn't necessarily mean anything. but if you want it to mean something then you should go talk to someone and then you would obviously be having suicide/ depression thoughts... which would be outside the dream, which again makes it just a dream.

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    well maybe you have some problem/s on facing the realities of life, and about the suicide thing it maybe means that you need to express your problem/s or guilt that you feel.

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