Housing/Council tax Interview under caution?

Housing/Council tax Interview under caution?

I've been called for an interview under caution, I have been unemployed for two years, Im almost bankrupt but I do owe a property that i rent out as can't afford the mortgage neither can i afford to live in it. I was claiming housing benefit in a property i was renting and they found out and even though i have no money of my own, only debts apparently i was not entitled to any HB since the house i owe (the bank really) is considered an asset. I don't make any money in the rent.

Anyway, can someone give me some advice? shall i tell them this at the interview or just call them, admit i owe a property and pay back all the money they gave me, i DON'T WANT TO PAY A PENALTY OR GET A FORMAL CAUTION BUT TRULY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO, IF I PAY BACK IT WOULD HAVE TO BE IN installments as im totally broke. I jut claimed for 6 months and just when i signed off a week ago, i got a letter from them. I stopped all my benefits but them the letter come and now i feel lost, please only helpful advise


i got the wrong reply so just to clarify. I owe a property but i was claiming housing benefit on the property that i live, it does not belong to me, i pay rent to a private landlord, as i could not afford to live in this property neither in the one that i owe , i claimed housing benefit, that is all. No answers telling me about benefit cheat and all that... only helpful advise please regards the interview under caution

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    How could you think you would be entitled to HB on a house you own that you let out to tenants?

    Nobody will believe you did not know this. The rent you get is your income, and the total rent is probably more than somebody in an ordinary job gets paid who can't get HB.

    HB applications are checked very strictly and so it is unlikely you were truthful on the form.

    A court summons is very likely as you are now legally classed as a benefit cheat.

    HB is for people living in the property they are claiming for and earning nothing from it

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