Questions about legends and myths.?

I'm writing a book and I want to know some little details before I start researching.

Vampires: What happens to them if they drink blood that's not human blood? Are other types of vampires, for example the aswang in the Philippines who separate the top half of her body and kill pregnant women, basically killed with the same things?

Lycanthropes: Where did the legend of the lycans start from? Like vampires, do lycans have the appetite for humans?

Zombies: Which is correct, they infect other human beings or they eat flesh?

Sorcery: How do they make fetishes, items that hold magical or spiritual value (Such as Voodoo Dolls, Holy Crosses, etc.)? What are some forms of sorcery? Do beliefs differ in each part of the world in sorcery?

Thank you for answering my questions. I'll be researching these things in a few hours so I would like to hear some information you may all know.

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    Okay so I can answer your first question only... From what I've read :

    Human blood, to vampires is the best. It makes them stronger and it's the thing they enjoy the most. Nothing happens to them if they drink any other kind of blood, it's just that it's not as good as human blood for them. Though they might drink animal blood, that's not what they prefer.

    Hope it helps somehow?!?!

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