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Newborn kitten in the garden?

Yesterday there was a newborn kitten in the garden. I was checking to see if the momma would come, but the new born kitten is still there. I cant touch the kitten. I dont think my family wants me to bring it inside the house. Do you have any advice? Do you have any animal rescue teams that would take care of a new born kitten ?


I hope the mommy comes to get her baby

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    seriously?? a dish of milk? hard food for newborns?? Where do you people live? have you never even seen a newborn before?? their eyes are not open, their ears are not open, they have no teeth at all, they can't potty on their own, they can't stand up, nor can they regulate their own body temperature

    As for the original question. The kitten will need special kitten formula from a kitten bottle. They need to be kept at a slightly warm body temp. However warm it is under your arm..that's how warm the kit needs to be kept at. They need to be stimulated to go potty before and after they eat. Do this by wiping a slightly dam washcloth on the kit's genitals until it goes potty. So every 3 to 4 hours day and night you have to potty them and feed them. If it is still there from yesterday then the mom is not coming back, she would not leave a baby exposed for so long. You need to go get the baby and put it in a small box that is lined with a towel or baby blanket. Call a shelter, rescue, or veterinary near you and explain to them about the kit. It's situation is dire. There are foster homes out there that take care of babies.

    I foster babies like this all of the time through the shelter where I volunteer.

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    3 hours is an prolonged time for a mom cat to circulate away a sparkling born, yet some do. watch for the subsequent hour or 2 as long because it particularly is heat exterior. If the toddler starts crying and mom does not respond the kitten will would desire to be observed by ability of you and cared for. Have somebody circulate to Walmart or the puppy shop and purchase kitten formulation and bottles. The kitten will would desire to be fed each 2 hours around the clock for the subsequent 2 weeks then each 3 to 4 hours for yet another 2 weeks. The kitten would desire to be saved heat advert it can't take care of that's very own physique warmth. A heating pad set purely on heat will do the trick once you're present. A mushy heat blanket fabric will do if no person is at domicile to maintain an eye fixed on the protection of the heating pad. you will additionally would desire to help the kitten urinate and convey a bowel circulation. the mum does this by ability of licking the area, Use a heat moist fabric or cotton to rub on the rectal area to help the kittens bowels circulate, This would desire to be completed numerous cases an afternoon. Many rescue kittens die if the rescuer does not try this. it will be some complicated paintings yet properly worth it. I wish you the perfect. optimistically, mom cat will return interior the subsequent hour or with the objective to retrieve her kitten.

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    Awwww poor little thing!

    I really hope its mum comes back to take care of her baby,really young kittens have little chance of surviving without mum... :(

    Maybe you could make a little warm bed for it in your shed with some blankets & a hot water bottle?Will your family really not allow you to take it inside your house & feeding it kitten milk from a bottle?its only a bubba!

    I think you should ring the vet & tell them the situation,if the kitten is left outside,the mother can find it,but then so can foxes & dogs.................NOT a good idea....good luck :/

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    What dances with cats said! Normally I dislike it when people put a "I agree with so and so" reply but there are so many idiotic replies on here I want to make sure no one follows their advice! Kittens can't even digest the milk that humans drink! Please for pete's sake don't answer questions if you are completely ignorant!

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    Take it to your nearest vets. They should check that hes okay and might take him in and help get him a home or to a rescue centre. If not then why not give him to someone who's willing to look after him :)

    Source(s): Work at a vets
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    Bring it some milk from the cithen or there is specific dry food for newborn kittens.You can ask for it to a pet shop.Ask the local vet where you can find a person to adopt it

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    You can always ask a nearby shelter, they have volunteers who pick up animals in need. In the meantime, you can bring the kitten a bowl of milk incase it is hungry.

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    Yes an animal rescue will take it in. Google, "animal rescues in 'your zip code.'"

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    Here. Just add your zip to the search term to find rescuers in your area:


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