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When do you normally get paid with an agency? (UK)?

Hey, thanks in advance for this..

right, i started working at a matalan last week, i did from wednesday to friday, i was suppose to be in the following week but i ended up telling them i couldn't make it. They told me they'd find a replacement.

Now then, when is the normal payday? i was told it was weekly but i havn't heard anything about what day i should expect to be paid. I'm guessing it's friday?.... But i've heard that sometimes it goes in early like on a thursday afternoon?


@venny. I understand that it's everyweek but i'm wondering if i am (in theory) meant to be paid for what ive done, or will i not get paid because i left?

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    its evry consecutive week here in canada. i guess may be its the same there as well.

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