i just got my tongue pierced!!!!!?

okay yesterday which was 8/4/2010 i got my tongue pierced at first it didnt hurt and now it hurts like crazy!! so i just need advice help hints and whether or not i should keep it on!


ive have snake bites my nose done and idustrial piercings so yea vannity is worth dying for :D

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    it is the sexiest thing; trust me it worth pain!!!

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    Keep it in. The mouth heals faster that most of the body, and you have just put a needle through it. I would suggest using the disinfectant you were given plus maybe gargle some salty water, and as for the pain take aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol or that soluble stuff. I would maybe, just to be safe, take a zinc supplement until it's healed, as there are many bacteria in your mouth, which could lead to infection. If the pain continues, I would go and see the piercer.

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    keep it in! the pain will be worth it. just make sure it isnt hurting because it's loose. if that's the case then you could swallow it in your sleep which did happen to me, twice haha. so make sure its put in right and has no chance of falling out because then you'll have to get it done again and wait til the infection clears up because if it does fall out right after being pierced theres a good chance it'll get infected.

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    its going to hurt for a while

    idk but try taking an asprine that might help with the pain

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    When I had mine done they told me to rinse regularly (after meals etc) with listerine antiseptic mouth wash. You could also use mild salt water. It should be fine if you keep it clean, the pain will go eventually. I say keep it in :)

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    I hope you keep your mouth clean, because the human mouth contains all kinds of bacteria that could get into your blood stream and if it travels to your brain it can give you meningitis and that can kill you within 3 days

    you must ask yourself if you survive, Is Vanity worth dying for?

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    ice and advil.!! :] don't rinse your mouth with mouth wash.! use non iodine sea salt water :]

    1tbs per 8oz of warm water :]

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