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Does Yahoo Answers have bugs/viruses/worms?

I saw a comment on Yahoo Answers a couple days ago, someone said that this site has lots of bugs (I'm guessing he meant viruses?). Is this true? When I read this, I stopped answering questions, I was not sure. THANKS FOR ANSWER IN ADVANCE.

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    Hi Science Tech,

    "Bugs" is a IT term that means there are some minor problems with the software. It means that the software can operate but under certain conditions the user gets a result that was unexpected. Sometimes the error can be attributed to a virus but most of the time there is a problem in the code.

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    No they meant Glitches. When the site does not function properly. The only way to pick up a virus or worm is clicking on a site another user posted.

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    Yahoo is a trustworthy site. What the person meant by bugs is that the site has issues that need to be fixed. A recent issue was questions not updating for several hours in all categories.

    Yahoo answers does not contain viruses or malware.

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    There is a lot of glitchy bugs here in the system that do not allow the site to run as smoothly as it could

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    It is not the site that has those things it is the links that people post on here where you can get those things from.

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    sometimes i think it does.sometimes i think it might be me clicking on links on here so i try not to click links i dont know about

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    i don't think so

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