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World of Warcraft BC-WOTLK related question?

If i log into my friend's account can I download BC and WOTLK onto my computer because it's like i'm on their account? Thanks.


If my friend owns the software then can't I log in to his account to download the patches and whatnot?

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    Blizzard controls access to content by associated a license key with your BattleNet account. You can install the game software on any number of computers you want, but the login to BattleNet is what will control what you can access. Blizzard also restricts logins to a single connection. Forgetting the terms of service for a moment, if you share an account (which is against the terms of service), you can't have both logged in simultaneously. Blizzard will only let one connect on at a time. If your question is leading toward finding a way to play for free, you can stop right now. The solution using BattleNet to control access pretty much kills that option.

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    Yes you can download the game and everything, but if you logon to your own account, will need to purchase Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King to play the content on your account.


    Your account: World of Warcfraft

    Friend's: World of Warcraft, WoW:BC, WoW: WOTLK

    If you want to play the bc and wotlk content, you will need to buy those for your account.

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