How might knights prepare for battle?

Please help, this is for a book I'm writing. :)

Basically, elven knights are about to defend their homeland against an undead army.

What might they do to prepare for this - Where might they get their weapons, armor, and what is a good way to assemble it? Sorry if this seems i'm lacking creativity, I just dont have much knowledge about medieval battles, though I really want to include this.

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    It is known on many occasions (The Battle of Crecy a famous example), that knights would dig holes into the ground, although your opposing army is of the undead, may it include 'undead horses'? - the purpose of these holes where to trip the opposing war horses, because this would often break the legs of war horses, the horses would fall down, creating small barriers that infantry on the opposing side would have to move around, meaning archers and long-bow archers would have time to bring down a few more of the enemy.

    It is also known that during the Battle of Crecy, English knights tipped over carts and and carriages to form a barrier, as well as use the dead bodies of the enemy to build further protective barriers.

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    I picture there being a...rack which has all their armor on it, a manikin sorta. And it would be a very spiritual moment where they would kneel before their armor and make prayers to their Queen/King/God to give them strength during battle and to protect them. They would just be making peace in case they were to die. Then suddenly after the prayer/making peace they are in kill-mode and are all serious and focused.

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    Their armour would very often be heirlooms passed down to them or custom made for them by their personal smiths or armorers. Like all knights, they would mount a cavalry charge while peasant infantry levies support their thrust.

  • Research how it was done historically and build on that. I would probably have elves resemble Celts or something but they're youre elves.

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