My mom wont let me be happy?

because she dont understand nothing. i wanted to be pregnant with my boyfriend's baby this year. she thinks i am gonna be lazy and dont take care of the baby. so i am gonna be having issues with my mom this year. me and my boyfriend wanted a baby this year and we are gonna spolied it good. but having issues with my mom right now. she wont let me go to be free at all. she keeps on telling me that everytime i wanted to asked her i wanted to be having pregnant to be feeling how i am gonna feel while i having it... i am feeling empty and i looked at other people baby's and isnt fair too me...

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    Girl, you cant just have babies because you want too. you should get married first. Don't take bad examples from others. Listen to your mom. She will always tell you what to do right. It's too early to get pregnant. Wait a while. Finish school. Get a job. Trust boyfriend. Get married.

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    I'm just going to state my whole opinion on the matter keeping in mind that I don't know you or all of your situation -but here's the deal:

    1. Maybe your mom just thinks you're not ready to have a baby.

    2. As in spoil your baby get I hope you mean spoil it with love and making sure it's happy.

    3. Your mom probably is making sure you will give the baby lot's of love and attention. I'm not saying that you will be a bad mother, for all we know you might be a wonderful mother. I'm just saying that your mother's opinion is very important. She raised you, she's family. Just sit down and talk with her. Tell you how you feel about the situation and see if you can resolve it. It seems like you really care about your mother if you're posting a whole question about her. Just make sure that when you talk to her you listen to her but it's also very important that she listens to you and knows what you are feeling.

    Good luck!

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    If you are under the age of 18, and you live in your mother's house you should abide by her opinion. You are probably to young to have a child, and from the way you wrote your question, you are. You are to immature to have a child yet, and how are you going to take care of a child. I will bet neither one of you, (you or your boyfriend), have a job. And I will bet you both live with your parents. Him with his and you with yours. What isn't fair is children having children. I feel for your mom she will probably end up raising both you and your baby. Because he aint going to be there for you. The sad part is no matter what anyone tells you, you are not going to listen. But why should your child have to suffer for your ignorance. Because that baby is the one who will be suffering. How did you feel growing up without a father. Because that is what you are going to put that child through. I know you have no father, because I am one, and if this happened to my teen age daughter, there would be no worries because they would never be able to find her boyfriends body. So she couldn't get pregnant, to begin with. and if she did happen to get pregnant, he would not have a choice in the matter. He would be a good father! Be smart wait until you are more mature. Then you will be able to love and take care of a child, and give it a fair chance in life.

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    There could be a pair motives she does not choose you to have a girl buddy. a million) She needs you to stay her little boy. She does not choose you to boost up too quickly. 2)She thinks you are going to have intercourse. 3)Your mom thinks you will not have time for something anymore as quickly as you initiate happening dates. You mom could have been much less mad final night through fact (Im at a loss for words, did they discover out you went on a date, or they found out you are going to flow on a date.) she found out you went someplace in the back of her lower back, or planned to mislead her and at last flow someplace in the back of her lower back. i could re-earnings that have confidence lower back. yet I completely believe you techniques retarded mothers and fathers are asserting we can't date. i'm 13 and that i'm not allowed to flow out with absolutely everyone. yet i nonetheless do no depend what my mothers and fathers say. i could tutor your mom how to blame you're and which you're waiting to have a girl buddy. maybe have your mom meet your lady buddy after which whilst she sees how mature you're and how advantageous she is, it may substitute her innovations. additionally, ask your dad to talk on your mom approximately it. He could substitute her innovations. besides desire this helped!

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    if you're not old enough to move out of your mother's house and decide what you can or can not do and be able to do things without your mom's permission then you are not ready to be a mother. if you are still living with your mom then you are not ready to be a mother. if your mom doesn't want another kid in the house then why should she let you bring one in? just because you want one? that's not how life works. you don't just have kids because you want them, you have kids because you know you can take care of them without help from your mom. you can't raise a kid if you're still being raised yourself.

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    If i were you id just listen to my mum and go along with what she is saying. Cause really, your mum knows what shes talking about. If she thinks its not right for you than she could be right, afterall shes the one thats been through that part of life.

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    girl you gotta think of your future and the babys future whats is it gonna be like for him. do you wanna risk your mothers relationship for this also you are young girl i understand the urge but can both of you hold on till the end think b4 you act

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    Are you old enough? As long as you're of legal age and have a steady income then there's no reason for your mum to oppose, but it'd be better for you to get married first to get things done properly.

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    your not ready for it yet and your too young belive me being a teen parent is hard i been one for 2 years now i was 17 when my baby boy was born now i am 19

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