Is Harry Potter gonna be over after Deadly Hallows? Please Answer!?

Ever since I started watching, and reading Harry Potter films, I've been a Neville longbottem fan. I feel like after Deadly Halllows is released its all gonna be over. Neville Longbottem is my favorite character, he makes me feel good when I watch, and read about him. I feel like this is gonna be over. I like Matthew Lewis, the guy who plays Neville. But he's just not the same. I feel like Matthew Lewis is gonna get married soon, and his career is gonna be over. I'm probadly not gonna like him as much after he gets married. All the actors in Harry Potter, grown up filming the movie. They're probadly gonna miss the old times.

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    It won't truly be the same afterwards... in the words of every single Harry Potter movie, "Everything is going to change now, isn't it?" I love the fandom, and it kills me that it'll die down, but as long as you don't let it, it never has to die down in your heart. Just because the fandom is not as prominent doesn't mean you have to like the series any less. I still reread the books all the time (especially the last 5 chapters or so of Deathly Hallows), and I plan on spoon feeding the entire series to my children from birth.

    The series has had it's time in the spotlight... don't you agree? It may be done, but the memories of the fandom don't have to die. YOU were a part of the Harry Potter initial fandom. How amazing is that? The actors have grown up, and so have the readers. I'm the same age as the actors, so I've literally grown up with them. It's weird thinking about that...

    I'm a huge Neville fan as well. I think it's nice that you like his character so much... he was somewhat of a hero to me throughout the series. It won't be the end of our love for him when there aren't any more movie coming out. He will always be one of my favorite characters ever.

    The hype and buzz will fade, but to us true fans, it'll just be sad that no more books and movies are coming out. We'll still be the same fans as before if we let ourselves. It's really not over until you say it is.

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    They are splitting the movie in two parts.

    I really, really doubt that Harry Potter will ever 'be over'

    Harry Potter is one of those rare things. It will last for a long, long time and generations to come will read and watch it.

    I guess for the actors it's going to be such a big thing for them to leave, they've basically grown up on the movie set and it's going to be pretty emotional for them.

    I love Neville, too :)

    I remember I sat on my couch and cried after I had finished reading the final book. I was just so sad that it was over. I just love them.

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    See Deadly Hallow is the last book of the series great books to but sadly yes it ends there.B ut with the movie its a hard to put it all in one movie so they are making it into two movies thats another thing about harry potter they want to make the movie exactly like the book so they have Deadly Hallow being released soon and another one being released in next june or july hope this helped you

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    Yep. After Deathly Hallows Part II, the HP series is over, books and movies. Not necessarily the actors' careers, though.

    And yes, I'm sure they'll miss the old times, but you've got to live in the moment. I'm sure they'll enjoy the new times, too.

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    104 days until the beginning of the end...

    Very sad, but all good things must come to an end and there is nothing we can do.

    But the magic will still live on! The books (and soon movies) may be completed but as long as you love Harry Potter, it will never die!!!

    Source(s): Cheesy, I know. But true :)
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    you mean Deathly Hallows? of course, that's the very end of the sequence. Alan Horn asked J.ok. Rowling relating to the prospect that she would make yet another e book yet she stated she's completed with it. be chuffed via fact Neville will grow to be a instructor of Herbology at Hogwarts. i'm valuable Harry will point out him whilst we see the epilogue interior the 2nd action picture. I dunno what Matthew Lewis will do after the Deathly Hallows. he will in all probability proceed performing

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    There's still the fandom going strong! Fanfiction, discussions. If you're on livejournal there are a crap ton of HP communities (i'm part of one where we reread the series a chapter a day and have discussion and stuff. It's really fun!)

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    Oh Noes!

    But on a serious note, yeah. HP is over for now and it doesn't look like any books are coming up at all. =( But hey, Deathly Hallows is coming up soon, so thats there to look foward too!

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    there splitting the final movie into 2 parts

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    Sad but true. :-(

    ill miss harry potter <3

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