Is Harry Potter gonna be over after Deadly Hallows? Please Answer!?

Ever since I started watching, and reading Harry Potter films, I've been a Neville longbottem fan. I feel like after Deadly Halllows is released its all gonna be over. Neville Longbottem is my favorite character, he makes me feel good when I watch, and read about him. I feel like this is gonna be over. I like Matthew Lewis, the guy who plays Neville. But he's just not the same. I feel like Matthew Lewis is gonna get married soon, and his career is gonna be over. I'm probadly not gonna like him as much after he gets married. All the actors in Harry Potter, grown up filming the movie. They're probadly gonna miss the old times.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Yes, just one more movie (two parts, two movies actually), then it's done. Enjoy ot for what it is.

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