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do you need to have 64 bit to use a 64 bit grachics card?

Ok I have a 32 bit operating system it can run 64 but but I want to stay on XP and I just reinstalled windows.. I am looking at this graphics card thats tells me :

Memory Interface: 64-bit does this mean I NEED to have 64 bit to use this graphics card.

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    Agree with first response.

    The 32-bit architecture of an operating system is unrelated to the architecture of a video cards memory transfer bus.

    The architecture of the bus is handled independently of OS architecture.

    To put it simply, a 256-bit (or any bit) memory bus will work on a 32-bit system.

    FYI, 64-bit is pretty small, this indicates you have or want to have an older video card, I'd get a newer one, such as the Radeon 48xx series (i.e 4850). They're cheap and have great gaming performance.

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    No they are unrelated. The 64 on the graphics card is the Memory Interface.

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