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How on earth do you get rid of duck weed in a fish tank?

I have a heavily planted 2' aquarium (really heavily planted, it's a green prism basically) and I have an irritating duck weed problem. I use a hanging-over-the-back type of filter, which doesn't disturb the surface of the water very much.

Every 2 weeks I have about a kilo of duckweed growing on the top of my tank. :( It is annoying.

Is there a way to kill the duck weed that is safe for both my plants and my fish?

(The fish I keep in this tank are harlequin rasboras, neon tetras, silver tip tetras and a Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta). Oh yeah, and a couple of Peppermint Bristlenose that I never see ever. And some tiny snails.)


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  • Emma
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    1 decade ago
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    As far as I know, the only way to get rid of duckweed in an aquarium is to skim it off the top when you see it. Any treatment that would kill the duckweed would also kill your other plants. Adding some serious surface agitation will definitely slow down its growth, as it thrives on very still nutrient-rich water. Adding another filter that will put a good ripple on the surface will definitely help.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I put duck weed in tank once but never just grew and spread across the surface. What you have to do is scoop it out with a net but keep a watch that there are none left.

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