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does eating spicy food make you thinner? (read info)?

there are a lot of spicy foods in korea and many koreans love spicy food and eat a lot of it. i heard them eating spicy food is a reason why they are thin.

is it true spicy food cleans all the fat off your body?

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    i read that eating spicy foods does boost your metabolism, and releases endorphins. if this is true then eating it regularly could help keep you fit. but it all depends how you are eating it. Eating really spicy fried chicken is not gonna make you thin. I think koreans eat a lot of spicy vegetables, rice, fish and other things that are healthy.

  • Well, there's no such thing as a fat North Korean. In the North, they're skinny (and on average a lot shorter) because there's not enough food in general.

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    Not sure if it cleans all the fat out of your body or not, but it is supposed to speed up metabolisim, therefore makes your burn energy quicker

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    ermm not really, but it makes something it your body quicker so you burn the fat easier.

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