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Wifi on toshiba Laptop???????????????????????????????

i bought a toshiba Laptop ( toshiba satellite L500D-16L)

about 2-3 week ago and it has been working fine , very fast which is good however i have a problem with my wifi on it.

the main port that is connects (modem) is in the middle of my house.

when i sit with the Laptop anywhere in the middle it connects fine and when i am in my bedroom it dose not connect , however it will connect and go on wifi in my sisters and parents room which sadly are next to mine.

what is the problem.

is it just the length because my house i not that long. my mum think its because a heavy, wardrobe is right next to the door and could be blocking the signal. is that it?

need help?

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    1 decade ago

    concrete/brick walls walls block wireless signals. is you room closer to the router or your sister's? the walls between your rooms is blocking the wifi signals. you can use a wireless repeater or range expander to drag the signals to your room.


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