A car's odometer read 22,687km at the start of the trip and 22,791km at the end. The trip took 4 hours.?

what was the car's average speed in km/hr? in m/s?

2) A jeepney travels at a rate of 25km/hr for 4 min, then at 50km/hr for 8min and finally at 20 km/hr for 2 min. Find a) The total distance cover in km. b) The average speed for the complete trip in m/s.

3)A taxi at 30m/s slowed down uniformly until stopped in 44sec. When a passenger signaled to it. Find the acceleration and the stopping distance.

4) How long will it take a car to accelerate from 50 to 90 km/hr, if it produce an acceleration of 3.0m/s^2?

I hope you guys would help me with this ........

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    Ok im not going to do it for you but i will help you cause other wise that isnt learning its just spoon feeding.

    Ok Q1) Take the odomiter readings and minus the small one from the large one to find the trips length! Speed = distance/ time that will give you the speed in km/ hr then to get it into meters/ second you must X1000 to get it into m/ hr then divide by 2X60 to get it into seconds

    Q2)ok, so re arranging that last equation i gave you that said speed = distance over time we get distance = speed X time do that for all four then ad them up. then do that trick stated above to get it into m/s

    Q3) i will say that acceleration is the change in velocity over time so (Final Velocity - Starting Velocity)/ time then you can use the equation s = ut + 1/2at^2 where a is the acceleration u is Starting velocity s = stopping distance and t = time

    Q4) im sure ur've got the hang of it by now :D

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