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How do the Republicans have the nerve to bash Obama when their last leader was an absolute failure?

I hear the right-wing propaganda all the time. Obama is ruining the country! Obama is a Marxist! Obama this.....Obama that! Obama wants to kill my granny!

Republicans, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Nothing you say is supported by any evidence. I've learned that what you say is nothing but outlandish, regurgitated Rush Limbaugh talking points. None of it is true. It's all propaganda.

Bush was an absolute failure on every front imaginable. He ruined a surplus. He invaded the wrong country. He built a military state. He nearly bankrupted the Treasury with his tax structure. He murdered hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East. His health care policy was disastrous. His social security ideas were comical (thank back to how the market crashed right after his social security tour). He could barely speak English. He humiliated this country with his arrogance and cowboy approach to diplomacy. He alienated America with his needless wars. He sacrificed thousands of American service members over nuclear fairy tales.

That list could go on for pages. And yet now you Republicans act like Obama is somehow worse, that he is literally worse than George W. Bush. It's preposterous. It's borderline insane. I know it's been tough on all of us to recover from the nightmare that was Bush, but it's not fair to blame Obama for what Bush created. Obama is just trying to clean up some of Bush's disaster, and yet you don't give him a chance.

Let's look at Republicans' three main arguments (as baseless as they are):

1) Obama is "walking all over the Constitution and taking away our freedoms."

--Name one time that he has violated the Constitution. And I'm not talking about some silly health care commerce clause BS that Rush and Sean came up with. Name the freedoms he has taken away, and the ways in which he has "walked all over the Constitution." (And after you do this, please go file a lawsuit against him, because I'd like to see how far it goes.)

2) Obama is spending too much.

--Well, he inherited a Great Recession. Bush bankrupted the country's system with his insane tax structure and military spending and wars. Obama is trying to keep in place a system of social welfare for the less fortunate. He's not using our money to invade the wrong countries. Is there some waste in there? Absolutely. But he's trying to bail this country out of an economic free fall.

3) He is ruining the country.

Really? Let's see. He is trying to pull out of Iraq (Bush's insane war). He's eventually trying to get out of Afghanistan (a mess created by Bush). He's trying to get people to pay for health care. He's trying to make sure people aren't starving on the streets. And he's trying to build allies, and not enemies.

The Republicans will probably just write off what I said and regurgitate what the drug addict said on the radio yesterday. They have accused this man of everything imaginable, but it's all baseless. George Bush was the failure. George Bush was the one who initiated all of this.

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    You've pretty much nailed it. One of the more surprising points, though, is how quickly after the inuaguration they began pouncing on everything Obama does. That must have been on orders from "the drug addict" or it wouldn't have occurred so fast, even before people could give Obama a chance.

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    I'll tell you how..because Obama has spent over half the money that bush did in 8 terms.

    He made a damn good general retire.

    He handled the oil spill HORRIBLY. Rejected help from other nations and might have just destroyed the southern economy for years.

    And he wants to leave foreign territory so we can get nuked?

    He said we'll never nuke another nation unless they do it first. Bad idea to tell the world that...

    He disarmed A LOT of missiles,that's begging for an air raid.

    Bush didn't do so great either,and nor do I know that many details during his presidency,but I know one thing,hes not a wimp,Obama is.

    I'll take a Black President any day,hell my Governor is indian(born in america)i'll take a mexican president even! Just don't be a wimp.

    And yes,he inherited a bad economy,but hes making it worse,they employment rate is going no where but up,and hes been president for how long? I personally don't know how to fix the economy,but I know one thing: Raising taxes(ending the tax cuts is raising tax if you do first grade math)will not do it,you need to create money,not take it from the rich and give it to the poor,the rich earned it,don't take it from them so that people that don't earn it(not all poor people don't try ya know?)can spend it on stuff they don't need,and just keep taking that money from the government,not only Mexicans do this! Whites,blacks,indians,and hispanics all do this..

    And changing health care was a bad idea,WE HAD THE BEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD! AND YOU CHANGED IT? WHAT?!?

    Plus congress had no right to do it..the constitution didn't say they could,so they can't. And taxing tanning? Really? Ever heard of Lupus? Skin Cancer? People who have that stuff can't go outside without risk of injury.

    Like I said,Bush was no where near a great president,nor will i consider him a good one,but the direction he was going was up...


    Please,for the love of god,get your head out of your **** and live in the real world.

    Source(s): Logic,and the real world.
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    In my opinion BOTH suck. Bush and Obama both spent/are spending too much, both had/have little respect for the constitution( forcing people to buy something they may not want ). If you look at what Bush did, and what Obama is doing and take an honest look in history, the ideas that these two "came up with" have never worked. NEVER.

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    "Bush was an absolute failure on every front imaginable."

    You just answered your own question. Obama is nothing more than George Bush II. They're both one in the same.

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    I like to deal with the here an now not look at the past to much BHO is a failure.

  • Still got BDS after all this time. I bet you rant on street corners about the "End is near"

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    Obama is simply the worst president EVER.

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    We're not bashing.

    We're MOCKING him for being an even BIGGER failure.

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    Wow..I'm going to throw all my support to this Bobby Bowden character. He seems like he has his head screwed on straight.

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    I think what you've said is:



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