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is there anyother way to make gravy?

Hi i have some mashed potato's and i would like too add some gravy in it but i dont have

juice from turkey cause. i live in a diff culture... i know how to make it but.

what else can u use besides TURKEY JUICE ? thanks

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    do you have any oxo or stock? any bovril? or gravy granules? any packet mix of sauce?

    if not you can try finely chopped onions, fry untill light brown, perhaps add some finely chopped herbs, cerery and fry these too. add half a pint water, salt and pepper and any stock if you have some, and bring to boil, then simmer down. when you add the water you can add any meat juice if you have any or just leave it veggie

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    This is how I usually make gravy for mashed potato

    -Have a bit of grated garlic and a bit of grated ginger ready

    -then make a Roux (cooked mixture of wheat flour and fat)

    -then add the garlic and the ginger

    -then add any broth or stock you have. ( If your tired of meat stocks try boiling vegetables for vegetable stock).

    -then mix to a desired state then your done.

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