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Where have the majority of Arabs living in American come from?





Saudi Arabia?


It couldn't be Afghanistan , they can't afford to fly to America.


Okay, where did the majority of Muslims who live in America now come from. Obviously you don't know how to answer a question, and only like to insult people.

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    Here you go, stats from the previous census. The figures will be different now because that was ten years ago.

    Afghanis, Pakistanis and Iranians are not Arabs. The Arabs are a Semitic people but those others are Indo-European ethnicities. So they are quite distinct.

    "Other Arabs" in the list probably means ones of mixed heritage or with two Arab parents from different countries.

    Arab Americans in the 2000 U.S. Census

    Lebanese 440,279

    Syrian 142,897

    Egyptian 142,832

    Moroccan 137,462

    Palestinian 72,112

    Iraqi 37,714

    Yemeni 15,000

    Other Arabs 424,807

    Most of the Lebanese are Christian Lebanese Arabs not Muslim Lebanese Arabs. They fled to America to escape the religious civil war in that country.

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    Afghan and Pakistan are not arab. Most muslims come from India, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran.

    And yes there are lots of Afghans in America. Not everyone is Afghanistan is poor. Some are upscale. They are the ones who make it to America

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    LOL.. most ARABS have come from Lebanon. Where do you get your information? Most Muslims have come from India, Pakistan, Somalia and Eastern Europe.

  • Afghanis aren't Arabic anyway.

    Clearly you don't understand what an Arab actually is, or a Marxist for that matter.

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    I'm gonna guess the arabian peninsula.

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