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If matter can't be created or destroyed?

Then why are able to created and destroy stuff on the internets?

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    Matter cant be destroyed nor Created correct!

    To under stand why we can create and destroy things on our laptop you must understand how it works. So lets say we are talking about an mp3, you can create an mp3, right? when you create an mp3 it isn't matter, all you are doing is changing the magnetic properties of your hard drive like for example A pencil . Imagine us writing some music on a piece of paper, the piece of paper is the computers hard drive (and now this isn't exactly how it happens) but we will call the graphite from the pencil magnetic marks ok? So what happens is, is the computer or your pencil will write the song on the paper/ hard drive by changing the properties of the hard drive. It has 2 signals that it can read from the hard drive, on and off. So when you want to erase the mp3 all you do is grab your rubber or demagnitser and just take it off the hard drive, there was no matter there in the first place that was created or destroyed

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    Because the whole lot is of God. Apart from God there may be not anything, now not even the distance for whatever. In a way it's God, despite the fact that God is past the universe as good. Oh and scientifically talking, there are a few stipulations below which subject will also be created or destroyed inside the universe however they're honestly modifications from like vigour.

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    "Stuff" on the internet is not matter but information. There is no requirement that information be conserved

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