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Am having problems can you please help?

my freind is 19 years old and is still in high school he got 1 more year left and he wants to get faster so he could run track and play football in college. but he does not know how to train to get faster and stronger he asked me do i know any places he could train for during the school year. like a running program to get faster or a trainer to teach him how. if you know can you help please?

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    To run faster check out Runners World.com to see their beginner training plans and a ton of advice on running faster. Also, Running Times.com has alot of advice for the more advanced athlete but also alot of very specific information on drills and exercises anyone can do. A training plan to finish a 5k fast would be your best bet if you want to play football. Good luck!

    Source(s): www.runnersworld.com www.runningtimes.com
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    Search around for an athletic club, They'll have coaches which can help.

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