I have problems with singing correctly. What can I do?

I've always had problems with singing from the diaphragm and made my throat hurt. A few months ago I discovered karaokeparty.com. There are a few lessons like warming up, breathing, support, posture. I tried all that and I finally managed to sing better. But a few weeks ago I just couldn't do that. I don't know why that is. It might have to do with not resting well, being stressed and lately we've had very high temperatures that lower my energy. Next week I'm supposed to sing at a wedding. So I need some advice. What can I do? :(


Thank you so much Tigger. Yesterday I actually noticed that in that position I can sing better. Weird. :D I haven't been drinking enough water...

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    Drink lots of water.

    Singing from the diaphram is hard if you don't know what it feels like, but easy when you do.

    For years I had different voice coaches explain and nothing ever clicked, until one coach explained it a different way to me and it was like a big OH yeah I get it now.

    What he said was. Think about cats and dogs they all breathe from the diapham. So he told us all to get on all fours. He said now breathe in and let your belly drop while doing it.

    Then lock it (tension stomach muscles)You then can pop out the stomach/breathe and lock it in a mili second.

    Another important thing is try to expel all the air before you take the next breath. If not you can build up stale air and this adversly affects support.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. They have some of the best vocal coaches/ Dr's of music in the world.
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