Do you agree with the gay rule?

I disagree with the part in the Bible that says being gay and/or committing gay acts is a sin. Here's why: the Bible unquestionably has lots of good rules such as don't steal, don't commit adultery, and don't murder. I am not about to bash the whole Bible and all of it's books because I don't agree with one or two rules.

Now here's where it gets complex.

All the good rules in the Bible can be explained without the Bible or that rule existing. For example, the principle of not stealing is a just rule because when you steal something from someone it a) hurts their feelings, b) is not fair because you didn't earn it or ask their permission to take it and c) it frustrates them just for your own benefit. Stealing is wrong. All the other rules previously implied as good rules can without a doubt be explained in the same way. Without the Bible. Without the rule existing. So it is acknowledged that all good rules can be explained without these things by common sense. Agreed?

Now to dissect the gay rule: it states several places in the Bible that being gay is immoral/an abomination/sin etc. Man and woman were made for each other and so on.. but this is where the flaw comes in.. can you explain why being gay is wrong without the Bible?

The answer is no. If a so called good rule can't be explained through common sense, and only through a few written words in a book that has no backing support, then it obviously isn't a good rule. Slavery can't be explained to be good. Racism can't be explained logically. They are not good concepts and should not be followed or taught. Neither should the gay rule.

Most of you Christians who still disagree will say that all that matters is that God says so and that's that. Well here's something you need to realize. While I'm NOT saying God doesn't exist, I also say this: there is absolutely no proof that the Bible, a bunch of books conglomerated together thousands of years ago, is 100% God's Word. Nothing says that that one book HAS TO BE all God. It's been burned, translated, and translated again, numerous times, and though the bulk of it could be from spiritual inspiration, no one can say that the men who wrote it, which by the way, were no one special; they were just normal men like you and me; didn't add now outdated and out of context concepts to the Bible that weren't actually what God wanted. Again, nothing makes the Bible have to be all right.

So in conclusion, the gay rule is not a good rule/concept because it cannot be explained through logic, does not intentionally hurt anyone else in anyway, only brings joy when rightly used, and does not affect anybody else. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

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    You are 100% correct and to add a couple things, God created gays. He has had their whole life planned out. Also, God nor Jesus wrote the Bible, but man did.& Like You Said, has been burned and translated over and over again. And going further into the fact that gays were born that way, it is obvious. Even straight people against homosexuality accidentally say it themselves. They say "so what you cant get wet by the opposite sex, so just dont have sex". And basically they just said, '' I know your gay and you cant change but just dont have sex''. The thing about that is being gay is not a choice, but yes have sex is the choice. so people, dont mix the two things together. Open your mind more and learn about homosexuality from gays, not straight, close-minded, people. Who would know more about being gay, then a gay person them self??

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    I pretty much agree with what you wrote. I think some people may say that being gay is wrong because the sexual intercourse is kind of unnatural. And it is. A penis is made for a vagina. Right? Right.

    I'm not against gay sex, no way, but let's be realistic. The funny thing is that straight couples also have anal sex, which puts them on the exact same page as gays. So people should be against anal sex in all relationships, not just gay ones.

    I'm not condemning anything btw, I just stated what reasons other than the Bible, people might have to think that being gay is wrong.



    You're so right about this one: "I think people use that book to justify their hatred for people not like themselves."

    The idea of gay sex repulses me, you say? How can something like that repulse me when I like guys? Don't talk if you don't know.

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    Listen guy, trying to find logic in a book created by man to scare the masses into following rules or else won't get you very far. I think people take that book way way out of context then its original purpose, and I think people use that book to justify their hatred for people not like themselves.

    If you are seriously asking a group of unrational people to rationalize a book they couldn't begin to are in for a ride.

    Edit: you see, Sky above me is a perfect example of a typical douche.

    Edit: @ Adis: I'm afraid I don't agree with a couple things you have said. First, if you're suggesting that a penis was made for a vagina for the mere fact of procreating...then there are many people disobeying that by having recreational sex. Except perhaps the Dougans from 18 kids and counting.

    Also you said you weren't against gay sex, but let's be realistic....let's be realistic about what? I get this vibe that you may think you are gay friendly but the idea of gay sex completely repulses you. That my friend isn't gay friendly.

    Edit @ Truth is....: funny how your avatar name contradicts everything that comes out of your trap. Biologically speaking using your same "logic", people...straight people, who are naturally barren or sterile..again using your "logic": if everyone were barren or sterile the population would be extinct.

    Now you fcuking idiot. How does my being gay somehow deplete my sperm count? I still reproduce sperm, I can still naturally have children as can any fertile gay or lesbian person. Why don't you stick to books of fairy tales and lead logic and reason to the big boys..okay? Good.

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    i think of you liberals are slightly puzzled. purely via fact somebody is a Republican or a conservative does no longer mean they are upset approximately gay marriage. i ought to care much less if gay human beings desire to get married. What bothers me is the certainty that they make certainly one of those vast scene approximately being gay. i visit regulate a heterosexual parade and march down the line. See how stupid that sounds. in case you're gay circulate be gay. there is not any would desire to hold plenty interest to yourselves. they are all drama queens.

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    Being a gay man who has been with my partner for 31 years what do you think? I deserve the same rights and equality as any other American. Would you like me to vote for or against YOUR partnership with your wife? Finally there is a ray of hope beyond the "Rainbow."

    Source(s): Average Joe- amazing that there still is so much ignorance out there isn't it? Why don't people see beyond the sexual part of a relationship? You and I know there is more.
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    As if I'm going to live my life according to the rules written down 3000 years ago by middle eastern sheep herders who had rules on how to properly sell your sister into slavery. Fat F'ing chance. And I'm Jewish!

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    thats ridiculous

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    sorry i didn't read the whole thing but...

    i love gays.

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    Being gay is wrong without the Bible.


    Homosexual relations do not result in offspring.

    Taken to it's final conclusion, if 100% of humans were gay the human race would go extinct.

    Therefore, if you are for homosexuality you are for the extinction of the human race.

    There's your logic.

    Homosexuality is not a good concept.

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    You get AIDS from being gay. Who wants that?

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