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What would it feel like to be an insect and what does an insect see?

Also i heard insects see in ultraviolet what does that look like? How does it feel?


Also how do insects and bees find their way home? And what is their home? And if there was no humans controlling/looking after and making beehives then would bees die out?

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    Insects live a pretty simple life of eating, mating and avoiding predators. Insects do see in the ultraviolet spectrum, thus instead of seeing say a yellow flower, they will actually see the outside as white and the inside as red. It is believed that because insects see in this way, flowers have co-evolved to produce specific colours that are oonlyvisible to insects in order to facilitate the pollination process...essentially the flowers make pretty colours to attract and guide insects into them. Conversely, some spiders use UV ccolourationon their bodies to mimic the colours of flowers...of course this leads to a trap.

    Most insects don't have a home, except for the social insects like bees, wasps and ants. Many find their way home either by remembering landmarks along the way or in the case of ants, leaving a trail of chemicals known as pheromones which they can detect with their antennae

    Bees have existed for millions of years before people came along, so they would have no problem thriving if we ddisappeared

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