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Nausea after eating anything. Possibilities why?

Okay,first off I am not sexually active so being pregnant is way out of the question.

Lately it feels like anything I put into my body is making me sick..even water. I do,sometimes,puke because of this. I can't say I haven't had this issue before but before it wasn't so bad.

I used to be able to eat anything healthy and drink water,but now that stuff makes me puke.

I have been to the doctor before and they've said that nothing was wrong. They also gave me pills for my stomach,but those did make me extremely sick.

Now I'm drastically loosing weight and can't seem to move without having my vision black out for a few seconds.

I just want to know a few possibilities that can be causing this?

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    I'm no doctor, but I do know one thing. Your doctor stinks. I suggest you get a new doctor, get a referral to a gastroentoralogist or maybe it's not even gastroentoralogy. It could be that your suffering from a neorological disorder, or perhaps it could be that something in your diet is screwing you up.

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