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How can I very subtly flirt with him?

There's this guy that a dated a few years ago...but now...I'm not EXTREMELY into him, but I'm starting to like him again, and I'd like to go out with him...but I'm not sure if he likes me that way, and I don't want to freak him out or put him on the spot by asking him out. We rarely see each other in person, but we talk on the phone, so I was wondering, what are some VERY subtle, sweet ways that I can flirt with him over the phone that won't make it instantly obvious that I like him but that may lead to him asking me out?


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    Scream "LET'S GET IT ON!" and start humping the air furiously.

    Believe me. Gets 'em every time. ;)

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    first, i am not really good with the flirting stuff.. because i'm really a straight to the point kind of person...but i hope this can still help...

    nothing beats a good conversation, i think one good parameter of knowing if a guy is interested in you is if he ask questions, from there you will be able to determine.after which you can then slowly focus on his interests to show that you notice him (so that's the sweet part, right?) particularly places or activities -that hopefully you are also interested in- if that has been reached you can start talking about those things and use the magic words with uttermost sincerity... "it's cool there", "i've always wanted to try that", "i want to watch that movie (insert actor/actress) is there!!", "i missed their mouthwatering menu" and so on. see if that fires his signal and ask you out.

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    Compliment him, but not annoyingly, tell him he's smart or funny. Recall the good times you had when you were going out. Don't try to make him jealous, don't talk about other guys. Don't be too ditzy or he won't take you seriously. Hope this helped :)

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  • dont be subtle just tell him

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