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Can i wash my newly forming dreadlocks with Soap for sensitive skin?

I know that u need to use no residue sampoo on newly forming dreadlocks but can i use no chemical, no smell soap for people with sensitive skin. Use it once , made my hair feeling realy realy dry.

Its been a 2 weeks and i go dandruff like crazy. What should i do??

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    Yep, it's fine with me.

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    sounds like it was a bad idea...soap leaves lots of residue, have you ever seen those dove soap commercials where they run soap across a mirror? i've heard that you can use dishwashing soap for dreads, but i've never tried it. it's probably better than that soap you've been using though, especially in the early stages, since residue can prevent dreads from locking up

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    u actually need to get ur hair as dry as possible . If you have any residue or oil in ur hair

    it will make ur hair slippery and they will untangle . It will take you longer to get them dreaded and mature ..

    the best shampoo i used so far is this one

    ur hair feel great and after first wash u feel like ur dreads get harder

    also i suggest you might wanna dip your hair in salt water

    or take a swim in the ocean

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    Ask a professional Hairdresser, not a hair products store, they will sell you anything (probably the dearest).

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