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Will i be hassled for transporting 5htp across the us canada border?

I know im allowed to do this, but if for some reason of a search, will these pills create concern for border patrol and end up wasting hours of my time?

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    Sorry, deleted my original response.

    I'm an Aussie, living in Canada now just noticed that it is ok and sold over the counter here and in the USA as well, not allowed in Australia and almost everywhere else!

    But still knowing this you are right to question, it may be a hasle. When you take prescription drugs across borders, they are labelled as such, but anyone can simply change the contents of an over the counter pill bottle. Plus there is the probability that you will have to explain exactly what it is and they may wish to look up the information themselves.

    Since it is sold in both countries, I would just buy it there if necessary.

  • SteveN
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    If this is a prescription drug, it is important that you keep them in their original packaging and have a copy of the doctor's prescription with you to show the border agent. Some people are surprised when they try to cross the border with medication. A drug may be available in USA over the counter, but if it is considered prescription only in Canada, it MAY be prohibited (or prohibited based on quantity).

    Check Canada's website below for the details.

    EDIT: I just saw Andre's answer. I did not see anywhere on Canada Border Services website or Health Canada website where Hydroxy Triptophan (htp) is considered restricted or illegal. However, to be sure, I would recommend contacting the Health Canada offices listed in the PDF I attached as a link in the sources section below.

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    You are confused, Adam, so let me explain this multiple passport thingi in more detail. Generally speaking, a citizen of a country does always have to enter and to exit his country of citizenship with the proper passport, identifying him as a citizen of that country. So if you are a citizen of country A and country B, you leave country A with passport A, then, when you get to the border of country B, you pull out passport B. When you leave country B again, you again show passport B, and if you then return to the border of country A, you pull passport A out again. Now, in case of USA and Canada we have an unusual constellation: the United States does not recognize multiple citizenship, but Canada does and even encourages it. What that means is that as a citizen of the USA and Canada, you can exclusively travel with your US passport only, both ways. If the Canadian border patrol asks you, you have to "identify" yourself as a Canadian citizen, but you are not required to have a valid Canadian passport if you have another valid one, in this case from the US. This does not work the other way around though.

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    It depends what "htp" are. If they're legal, you won't have a problem. If they're illegal, you could.

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