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I'm Mauritain.I am living in Germany with my wife who is polish.?

Hi I am from Mauritius.My wife is polish and we are currently living in Germany.We would like to move back to the UK at some point.I do not have a EU Passport,all I have is a 5yrs residential card.What are the next step?Can I just go the UK with her then apply for a resident permit or should I apply for a family visa while I'm still in Germany.Can we go together to the UK or she has to go 1st so that I might join her later.What is the best option??

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    Polish citizen at present need to register under the Worker Registration Scheme if they wish to work for an employer in the United Kingdom for more than one month.

    http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/workingintheuk/e... ..

    Non-EEA family members must get an EEA family permit before they travel to the UK if they are citizens of a country who always need visas to enter the UK, or if they are coming to stay for longer than six months. The family member should apply for this at the British Embassy or High Commission in their country of residence, before coming to the UK.

    https://www.visainfoservices.com/Pages/Content.asp... ..

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