Are all teenage boys like this?

All the time when growing up, my brother always bullied me, we're only 3 years apart (i'm 14 now, he's 17)

He's always been verbally abusing me and he used to physically abuse me

When my brother got into his teen years, it got alot worse. he calls me ugly, fat and horrible names even if I'm just sitting down in my living room watching tv or doing my make up in the mirror when I don't even speak to him at all.

I go to a all girls school now, so I don't associate with teenage boys

I really don't like talking, looking or associating with teenage boys now, because if I look at them I fear they'd threaten me or want to hurt me, because that's what my brother is like. Or if they look at me, (say i was in public) I always think , they're probably insulting me that's why they're looking at me. Or if they speak to me, even if they're friendly or ok, i think they just think i'm pathetic or just pretending, but really inside they're just nasty.

I just probably think all teen boys are as nasty as my brother is, and all horrible because if my own brother does that to me, what does that make a teenage boy who's a stranger going to do?

my parents know and have tried sorting it out.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Not all of them are like that. Some are like your brother, but most are really nice. When they look at you they are probably wishing that they could talk to you. Most teen boys wont even try to be nice if they arnt really nice because it will eventually show that they are really nice. Just try to make friends with a nice boy and you'll see that they arent all like that. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    Not All Teenage Boys Are Mean. It's Just Your Brother. That's In The Brother And Sister Nature. Most Guys Are Decent. Are You Telling Me Your Never Going To Marry?

    Here's An Explanation (Don't Take It Personally, It's Just The Way I Know To Explain) :

    The New Girl At Your School Is Bullying Another Girl. Does That Mean ALL Girls Are Bad?

    Sorry If That's A Little Mean!

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